Sunday, March 13, 2011

Art Appreciation

Buses With Passengers, washable marker on printer paper

Lily Clare's teacher recommended that we look into art camps for her this summer. She says Lily Clare has a talent and passion for art. She spends lots of time on her drawings at school and home. Last week the class drew vehicles as part of their Transportation unit, I snapped this photo of her drawings before she gave them to her friend Devin.  Below is her rendition of Devin's treehouse.

Tree House, tempura on construction paper
(inspired by Bush Family Rodemar Tree House)

I took the teachers advice and signed up Lily Clare for spring break art camp next week at Laguna Gloria - painting, drawing, self portraits and sculpting. She was very excited about the idea of art camp, but said she will need to put on something over her clothes so she doesn't get paint on her.  I told her I would send her in play clothes so that she could get messy and just have fun.  I think she will love being in an inspiring creative atmosphere that can nourish her artistry.

Laguna Gloria

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GrammaG said...

Lily Clare's drawing of a bus with children in it, is impressive. Good job !