Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Evan's Preschool Bio

By David Freas

Evan is naturally inquisitive. He enjoys exploring mechanical devices of all kinds and learning how to operate them. Cars and solar panels are two subjects that fascinate him. His toy duck, Pato, is his most treasured item.

His favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are and sometimes Evan acts like he is the king of the wild things. He has a passion for the art of photography and regularly confiscates his parents' smartphones and cameras for sessions during which he can captures stills of his family.

Evan is an excellent climber. At two years of age he was the first of his siblings to climb over the fence to escape the backyard. He earned his first trophy by participating in WAYA's gymnastics summer series, mastering a range of equipment and obstacle courses along the way.

Now Evan summits trees, boulders, and all manner of playscape equipment. He has been honing his tent-making abilities and aspires to one day climb a mountain.

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GrammaG said...

This is a great description of Evan.