Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Dragons

I't soccer time. The big kids had their first practice and game on Sunday.  They are all on the same team, the Little Dragons.  We got lucky with our coaches, they were great with the kids and everyone had a fun first game.  Will, Evan and Lily Clare all scored at least one goal, some for the other team, but the Little Dragons still went home with a win.

Will on his way to a goal.

Lily passes to Evan

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GrammaG said...

Way to go Little Dragons! I am so proud of you. Now you are on at least two teams...! Team freas and Little Dragons. Being outside in the fresh air is so good for you. You are going to get even stronger and faster than you already are. Jennifer and David; I think they will be more tired and easier to get go bed.Hopefully!