Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Mother's Day

things I'm thankful for...

for having strong mothers for both david and myself who helped shape who we are today
for having wonderful grandparents for our babies who shower them with love
for being able to carry a baby at all, let alone three
for making it beyond 36 weeks gestation
for being able to hear each of their beautiful cries at birth, the most precious sound i have ever heard in my life
for three healthy and happy babies
for finally having the full household I have always dreamed of
for being lucky in love and having a warm, strong, intelligent husband
for having a loving father for my children to adore
for having a job that I enjoy that still leaves me lots of time to spend with my family
for having friends that have been with me through the worst times and the best
for spring days, first trips to the pool, and many adventures to come

Picasso Mother and Child

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