Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Texas Twin Bill is Now a Law

The Governor signed the bill today and the Texas TwinBill is now a law. From what I gather, this law will let parents make the decision whether their multiples should be in the same class or different classes. Prior to this law, it was up to the school and typically schools have rules to separate multiples into different classrooms.

Apparently, this is a big hot button for multiples moms. They want equality for multiples, horray! And they want to keep their multiples together. Honestly, I don't get why it is such a big deal. Ask me again in five years. I'm sure I will have a strong opinion then.

But for now, as a newbie multiples mom I can see the following pros and cons of your kids being in the same class:

Pro: Now this is a big one....one teacher, one syllabus, one set of homework assignments. Woohoo! This would rock. How will I possibly help each of my children with their homework every night and help them keep up with all the projects, etc if they are in different classes. I've heard that the amount of homework for young kids these days is absurd.

Ok, so it's not just about me.

Cons: Other kids have to leave their parents, and this is hard. They go off into the big world and are in class by themselves. Why not multiples too? Do they really need their siblings there? Wouldn't it be sending a message that we do not trust them to be able to do it on their own?

Again, I say this with a BIG caveat, that I have no idea how multiples interact, their special relationship or what it would mean to separate them. Anyway, I have a feeling that my position will change over the years. Just because most the multiples moms I know don't want to separate their kids, at least not in the first few grades.

Read more about the new Twin Legislation here.

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