Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Twin Play Date

We had our first 'multiples' play date with the Burke twins Harper and Lucy and the Boykin twins Brooke and Katilyn. Lily got in some quality girl time and all enjoyed checking out the new kids and cool toys. There was some crying, more squashing and a bit of mom talk. Jenny has quite a set up - a baby proof play zone with great toys including a couple play tables, tent and mini climbing set. Plus she served freshly baked muffins. We will be back.

We managed to catch one quick group photo before everyone crawled away. From left to right: Evan, Lily, Harper, Lucy, Katilyn, Brooke, and Will.

I think Harper has a crush on Evan. Do bad we didn't catch it on camera but only a few minutes into the play date she was pulling on Evan and chasing him into the 'cabana'. Here he is with Lucy on the climbing gym.

Will on the other hand has a thing for Lucy. He thinks her smile is pretty cute, so do I. She tilts her head to the side to flirt, adorable. (Hopefully she didn't notice the big scratch on Will's forehead, his latest encounter with Max.)

Brooke and Katilyn played coy, they are just starting to crawl. But watch out in a month or two.

I wonder what regular singleton play groups are like. Jenny said she heard of one where the moms didn't want the babies to share toys. What!? Not sure how we would pull that off, I would be embarassed with my kids crawling over everyone elses kids.


september19 said...

Oh to have been a fly on the wall! Jenny sounds like a great hostess! and the babies seemed to be having fun! love, Mom

Linnea said...

Jennifer and David,
Although I never have time to write, would love to come and visit and feel awful I'm not in touch more frequently, I wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog religiously since the beginning. I love watching the triplets grow up and feel as though I have been there with you. They are amazing! As are the two of you. I'm not sure how you do it all but it's impressive. Jennifer, I'm so proud of you and all your accomplishments......your mom did a great job raising you!

Love to all the Freas, Linnea

Jennifer said...

thanks Linnea - we would love to see you and show off the babies.

jennifer and david