Sunday, August 19, 2007

Paci Wars

This mornng Will grabbed Lily's paci from her and put it his mouth. I was wondering if I should interfere or let them work it out when Lily grabbed it back and put it back in her mouth. Then Will grabbed it back again.

At that point I was not sure who to tell 'no, that's so and so's paci' so I swapped Will another toy for the paci and handed it back to Lily. No one seemed too disturbed by the transgressions.

They are eleven months old. I'm not sure how much I should mediate when they are playing at this point. I've been focusing more on 'be gentle' 'don't pull hair/poke eye/hit' when they get overzealous with their affection of each other.
Feel free to share any toddler discipline tips or book ideas.

We tried to have a somewhat lazy Sunday today and have some fun with our trio. David had the great idea to take off all the cushions off the couch and built a fort. They loved being able to easily climb on the couch and play with Dad in the fort.

They have endless energy and spend plenty of time 'walking' with our help these days or pushing each other around in their wagon.

We also got a visit from Grandpa, they climbed all over him too.


Erickson 5 said...

We had the same paci's! We LOVED the Wubba Nubs. Infact, my son still sleeps with his red dog EVERY Night and he is three. We cut the paci's off about 6 months ago. I just had to share.
Your children are adorable.

Jennifer said...

Aren't they great!