Friday, August 24, 2007

Watermelon Capers

Before we had children, I always wondered who would be the heavy – me or David? So far, it looks like David. I let the kids do things that he finds totally unacceptable, like looking into the refrigerator for a few minutes while I check my blogmates daily entries. I figure I’m wasting a bit of energy, but I’m also fostering their curiosity.

Well, today while I was reading about a fellow triplet mom and an unfortunate Sharpie magic marker incident I looked over to discover this.

Our trio had banded together to pull the watermelon out of the fridge, open the package and begin to enjoy their spoils. What a mess. You know I’m an addicted blogger when the first thing I think of is, 'At least this will make a good blog post.'

Partners in crime.

Did I mention our housekeeper Isabel just came. She left maybe an hour ago leaving us with a spotless house. I’m glad she is not here to see this violation to her clean floors.


Michele S said...

Very cute! It's true though about thinking if it will make a good blog entry. When we were at the library, I turned around to see that Austin had climbed all the way up the bookshelves and was hanging from the top shelf. I ALMOST grabbed my camera and took his picture before getting him down. ALMOST!!! This blogging makes you CRAZY!!! I would have let them eat the watermelon on the floor too, and my husband would have been beside himself.

Clare said...

The watermelon looks yummy.

Jennifer said...

I know - crazy! But hey, maybe it also let's us see the humor in the minor disasters in our lives.

I'm thinking about you guys today and hoping for a good report from Austin's MRI. Very exciting news about him running yesterday - already! That's a great sign.