Monday, August 06, 2007

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

Lily had her cardiologist appointment this morning. Great news, Dr. Wright concluded that Lily indeed has an innocent heart murmur. Nothing to worry about and no follow up appointments required. We even got some souviner pics from her EKG of her beautiful healthy heart.

I also had my 16 week prenatal appointment and baby number four is big, healthy and definitely a boy.

Baby moon was delightful. We had massages at the Watermark's serene spa, then spent the remainder of the day relaxing at the rooftop pool. Great service, they even refilled out waters while we were reading in the pool. We ventured out to dine at Azuca in S. Alamo where First Friday festivities were in full swing.

The next day we tried to sleep in, but even the heavy block out drapes couldn't fool our highly trained internal baby tending clocks. We were both up at 7am laying there trying to go back to sleep. Finally David says, "You up, want to go get coffee." I was relieved he couldn't sleep either,"Yes, let's go!" So we headed out to Starbucks cand then back to our hotel for breakfast, then more napping and lounging until noon check out time. It was a quick trip but rejuvenating. And we both finished the latest Harry Potter book.

Not so good news, our nanny Mayela told us today that she will be leaving us in a few weeks. Very dissapointing, she found a job for more money, one five year old. Hard to compete. We had a lot of luck with recommendations from the local triplet group I hope we can get some more good leads.

Afternoon Playdate with darling Harper and Lucy. Here is Harper, Lucy and Lily pushing the wagon together. Team work makes the dream work girls.

Here is a quick pic of our nudie cuties enjoying their new splash mat.

And a goodnight photo, Grammy cornered by our trio at bedtime. They are just recovering from the playdate cold we caught on Monday (luckily a short one) and are chewing on their medicine syringes. A special treat for taking their medicine.


Gramma G said...

Great news about Lily's innocent heart murmur. One less concern. I am so happy you and David were able to get away. Sounds like you had a calming time togethe. What new words are the babies saying? anyone standing without holding on. Loved the blog! Keep up the great work. Mom

Jenny said...

Oh, we should have spent the playdate talking about Harry Potter - if I had only known... ;)

Jennifer said...

I know can you believe in the end he...