Friday, September 07, 2007

All is Right in the World

Grandparents have arrived! My mom flew in from Florida on Monday and David's parents Grammy and Papa returned from their Colorado trip and visited us several times this week. They swooped in with lots of hugs and presents. Babies are in hog heaven.

Lily was showboating for Grandma G on Monday, walking back and forth across the den, pivoting, picking up toys. She was well aware of the grand attention she was getting. She wasn't the only one. Will caught on that Lily was getting more than her fair share of attention and decided to take a couple of strong steps for grandma too, looking to make sure she saw him.

Will gets so excited about his new skill that he can't contain himself and crashes.

For the record Evan has been taking a few stable steps here and there the past week or two as well. He just is more deliberate and ensures that there is a clear destination he can steadily reach before taking off. Unlike Lily's crash and burn and get back in the game technique.

Grandma G brought lots of clothes and ordered a Choo Choo Wagon! It arrived yesterday - unfortunately the third car is out of stock indefinitely. The separate Choo Choo trailer is a hot item on ebay these days. Let's hope I have the winning bid.

Papa and Grandma brought a fabulous pony on wheels. Lily was giving the horse lots of kisses today and they all enjoyed taking turns pushing or riding on the horse.

And big relief, Carmen is working out great. The babies ADORE her. Lily and Will cried when she left the other day! Lily often won't let her put her down. Carmen is very motherly and they are definitely fond of her.

I'm pretty fond of her too. The house is serene and sparkling when she leaves. Ahh. Nanny searching was very stressful and time consuming. And I'm quite relieved things have worked out so well.

Even work is going well. I'm leading an exciting new online project at Dell. More on that later once I can disclose the details.

And I can feel 'Quatro' kicking now that I've reached the half way mark for my pregnancy - 20 weeks.

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