Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hey Baby

Evan is now saying 'hey baby', but most of the time it comes out more like 'hey bey'.

Lily is determined to walk. She keeps trying, taking a few steps then stumbling and starting over again. She gets a bit further each day and today was going well over 20 steps at a try. She must be sore from all her tumbles. She's also been a little monster having quite a few meltdowns, which is unusual for her. I think she is getting a flurry of teeth. I can feel little rough nubs peaking through.

And Will can fly.

Flying over GG bridge.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful talented children!

MaryBeth said...

Hilarious shot of Will flying!!

Smooch said...

Not to self. Keep Evan away from my girls. Playah.