Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Loves

One year ago today our babies were born.

We feel incredibily fortunate that they are healthy and happy.

Our babies have brought us so much joy in this whirlwind of a year. Here are some of the things that make us happy...

  • Lily's dimple (on her right cheek) when she smiles
  • Her red rosebud lips
  • All the kisses and hugs she gives her animals, even the ones in her book and on her birthday card
  • Thumb pointing to all the bugs her book
  • Lily's bravery and determination
  • Evan's infectious laughter
  • When he inspects things to figure out how they work, turning over toys to look at the switches
  • Evan's cautious but strong side step walk
  • Evan saying 'hey baby' or repeating 'baby, baby' when he needs a hug
  • Evan's impossibly long eyelashes
  • Will's large open mouthed grin of delight
  • His unique baby babble, saying so much that we can't understand with strong emotion
  • Will's chubby cheeks and huge bright blue eyes
  • Will getting so excited that he throws himself back with joy
  • When he lets us cuddle him like a little bear

Happy birthday Will, Evan and Lily!


Smooch said...

I thought today was THE day! Happy birthday. Can't wait to celebrate this weekend.

MaryBeth said...

Happy Birthday Team Freas! Congratulations Mom and Dad... you survived the first year! It really does just seem to become more and more fun as the days pass by. Here's to a wonderful second year!!

Uncle Chris said...

A year does go by fast. It’s been fun watching them grow and experiencing things for the first time. Looking forward to year two. Happy Birthday Day!

jen@amazingtrips said...

Happy Birthday babies ... the best is yet to come!! :)

Jennifer said...

thanks for all the birthday wishes!