Thursday, September 20, 2007

Holy Guacamole!

We planned a little birthday fiesta for this Saturday. I say little because I tried to keep it casual and limit the invites to 15 or so...but then you add in spouses and kids and the guest list quickly creeps up to almost 50.

Our house is tiny, and it is going to be too hot to be outside. Check out this forecast - 95 degrees on Saturday! We will need plenty of cold beer - and iced juice boxes.


Gram and Papa said...

It was a wonderful party! Make sure you give each one a kiss from Gram and Papa each night. Love, C

MaryBeth said...

Hope the celebration was wonderful and that you were able to fully enjoy your sweet babies 1st b-day party!!

Jorgensen's Triplets said...

Happy Birthday Will, Evan and Lily! Congrats to you mom and dad for making it a year! Jen, I hope everything is going well with your pregnancy too! I know it was hard at first, but good luck! You have 3 beauties!