Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rite of Passage

We did the unofficial one year weigh in at home this week since I have neglected to take them to their one year check up. Everyone was over 20 lbs so we were able to turn the car seats around. Thank goodness! I couldn't lift them over the back row seats for much longer. And now they can watch more Baby Einstein on the dvd in the SUV. Here we are on the way to David's soccer game.

We have also been transitioning off formula, increasing the ratio of milk to formula by an ounce each day. We should be fully off formula by the weekend. I got really crazy and decided to stop heating bottles too and they are fine with it. I don't want to have to be heating milk.

Next step, get rid of bottles. They are fine with the sippy cups so I just need to make the break. Maybe this weekend. I want to try it out myself just in case we have to adjust the plan or go back to bottles say for bedtime. I don't want to confuse our nanny.

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