Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was reading my 'same age' triplet chat group posts and came to the conclusion that we could simplify a few things in our lives.

Someone brought up a couple great questions.

1. How often to you bath your children?

2. Do you dress your children every day?

As it turns out we have been doing much more than the average *triplet* mom. The response for number one varied from every day (like us) to two to three times a week but the majority was towards the later. I have missed a night once or twice but hadn't considered skipping more often.

And it appears that more people than I would think let them run around in diapers all day. I'm fine with that too unless we go out in the wagon or to the park. The babies definitely prefer it.

And come to find out one year old babies only need 12 to 16 oz of milk a day. I'm not sure how to reduce the amount of milk we are consuming. They love it and are drinking 24 oz or more a day!
I think it is time to reassess our 'normal routine'.

Lily in 'boy' pajamas tonight in honor of our new simplified lifestyle. I'm not sure if I can give up bath time yet.

Update on Lily's baths. We have been letting her play in the bathroom while the boys bathe and she eventually wants to get in the tub and tries to climb in. She has had a couple great nights and a couple nights where she is complaining but overall much better.


Smooch said...

I'm not one who thinks children need a bath a day, but we still do it. It working for us though. They sign "bath" and splash and have a great time. If I had a screamer, it would be a bath every 3 nights and lotion the other nights.

Dressing. *sigh* The girls seem to suddenly have a complete Fall wardrobe. In fact its looking like they are going to have to wear 2.3 outfits a day for me to get proper use out of them.

These two stats beg the question though... if they are in just diapers all day won't they get dirtier, thus need a bath or is it just my house (constant snacking, dog, 2 cats and a cleaning lady who hasn't come in 3 wks)?

Jennifer said...

hmm..good point jenny.

our gang gets so dirty from the playground that it would be hard to skip baths (you should see our bathwater!) but i may have find a way to skip a few nights, espeically when i'm in the tail end of this pregnancy.

I'm thinking no more pjs until it gets cooler. they can just sleep in t-shirts and their sleepsacks. plus they are half dressed in the morning! that would eliminat at least 10 mins of wrangling.

Michele S said...

I bathed mine every night for at least the first 18 months. It was part of our bedtime routine, which I thought should be consistent. Now I have to bathe them because they are filthy and I have no choice. I have never let my kids run around in diapers. NEVER! That's just me though!

Carolyn said...

I guess you are not alone. I too bathe every night. I dress in Onsies hanging around the house. Sometimes just diapers when it is really hot.