Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another Team Member Down

Grammy and Papa returned from Europe this week and were very happy to see their grand babies. Unfortunately two days later Papa got the stomach bug. He was well enough to go to his golf tournament today, hope he wasn't miserable.

So far, David and I have evaded the bug, but not sure how much longer we can pull it off. We have been vigilant with handwashing and cleaning after each sick incident but it feels like there is vomit everywhere. Thank goodness we had blankets down in the den because otherwise we would have had to rip out the carpet by now.

We thought things were turning around yesterday, but Will had another rough night and both boys couldn't keep their food down today. Will had hardly anything to eat today, he only kept a little bit of muffin down and a couple ounces of lactose free milk at bedtime. He wouldn't eat any of the bland foods we tried to feed him. Lily actually seems to be coming around, you've never seen someone so excited to eat veggies. Maybe the boys will be better by the end of the weekend.

We got a little break lat night. Grammy Clare helped out with dinner and bedtime and graciously babysat for a couple hours so David and I could get out of the house go to dinner.


MaryBeth said...

Doesn't it just feel like you are escaping when someone takes your place for the evening? I hope that all your babies are well soon and that you guys never get the bug!! It is awful.

GrammaG said...

Thankfully Clare was kind enough and brave enough to lend a hand yesterday. This must be an incredibly strong bug! I can only hope and pray that the end of this nasty bug is near. My bible study group is praying for each of you. I'm thinking about you all of the time. Love and kisses, Gramma G