Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Welcome to Pukesville

We have not recovered yet. Sunday night we reached our limit. They boys had not been able to hold anything down for days and were so sad and weak. We kept thinking they were getting better but then they would get sick again. So we decided to aggressively give them nausea meds to ensure they could hold their food down. David and I started administering Zofran around the clock, every six hours to the boys. Finally we had a whole day yesterday without throwing up.

We gave the last dose to the boys this morning. They seemed so much better and we thought we were in the clear. But both threw up extensively this evening. We are back to Zofran again. Evan was so eager to eat afterwards - he had four mini waffles and 6 oz of the lactose free milk. I tried to parse it out slowly, but he was extremely hungry. And he is extremely skinny. They have all lost weight but he was slim to begin with and now his ribs stick out and his arms seems so small. As soon as he can hold down food we will have to work on fattening him up.

Surely we will be better tomorrow, please.


GrammaG said...

Time! It seems like time for the Drs. to give these babies some IV fluids. This has gone on way too long. Certainly their electrolytes are out of balance. I believe an aggresive Dr. visit is in order. Good thing I'm not there. I might now be able to remain calm when detailing the events of this illness. In Gainesville this past week 2 mothers have had to act as loud advocates for their childre, Justifiably so.How much does each child weigh on the home scale? and based on these home weight how much has each child lost?

Jennifer said...

i know, and in hindsite I wish I had taken them back in already. but we really keep thinking we were better. After yesterday and a good night I thought we might be in the clear. I refilled their prescription today even though I thought we didn't need it. I didn't pick it up yet, but we have just enough to get us through the night.

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Oh no, this sounds like our house last year. On TWO separate occasions, we had babies throwing up every single day for over TWO weeks. I think it was rotavirus.

The key is to give them tiny amounts of fluid, frequently. So long as they are producing wet diapers (at least 1 every 6 hours), our doctor told us it was viral and needed to run it's course. I went to the ER with all of them the first time they had it, and they wouldn't give them IV's because they were still able to produce tears.

Ice chips are good. But in SMALL quantities. I think I would do a tablespoon every 5 minutes. I also let them nibble on Cheerios. Steer clear of red posicles and Jell-O because if there is any blood in the vomit, you won't be able to see it. (We had kids that were bleeding because their esophaguses were raw).

No amount of anti-nausea medicine helped us. We did suppositories because they couldn't keep anything else down and that didn't work, either.

THIS WILL PASS. Hang in there!!