Monday, February 18, 2008

First Month

Our sweet baby Holden is one month old today.

He is just starting to have more periods of quiet alertness and will look for me and David when he hears our voices. He still sleeps most of the time but is falling into some patterns of consolidated sleep and will sleep three to four hour chunks a couple times a day - at around 6pm, when things start to wind down at our home, and again aound 11pm.

He is also becoming a more adept nurser which means that I can snuggle with him at night and nurse lying down instead of getting up. Lately he has been sleeping in bed with me and David, something his siblings didn't get to do.

Physically I can see a bit of each of his siblings in his features. Holden has Will's big eyes, Lily's full lips and the same furrowed brow she had as an infant and Evan's long fingers and toes.

Happy first month birthday little love. We adore you.


GrammaG said...

Happy birthday "Hoo-den" Holden is so beautiful. I'm happy to hear he is sleeping for longer periods of time. Can't wait to see him GG

Michele S said...

He is a doll. Isn't it wonderful to snuggle up with the ONE baby??? It's great! I'm so glad you get to do it.

Anonymous said...
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