Sunday, February 24, 2008


David and Lily practicing the word 'mouth' with baby Holden.

Earlier in the day I said that Lily looked ridiculous in this outfit - giraffe shirt, too short flowered pants and purple polka dot socks that she picked out. She understands so much more than I realize, I hurt her feelings and she started to cry. We cuddled and made up. I told her she looked beautiful and said 'cool?' - she said 'cool'.


GrammaG said...

I remember when you were little, you selected a plaid skirt,a shirt with many colored stripes and your favorite socks. I told my mom about it later and she said Pick your battles. After all you were only going to the grocery store.

Jennifer said...

I agree mom.

But I did finally take out the stained clothes and clothes that don't fit or so that the kids will be less likely to look like little vagabonds.

I am looking forward to when they have an interest in selecting their clothes, and yes, then anything goes.