Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Couldn't capture a group Valentine's Day photo, but here are a few snapshots before bedtime tonight.

The boys.

Will would rather me hold him and read 'Where is Spot' again...and again...than take his photo.

Evan looking a bit glum but still cute as a button. He got a fever for Valentines Day. I thought we were finally getting better, hopefully this will pass soon.

Lily is enamoured with her baby brother. She is now saying 'Hoo-den' and still enjoying showing us his eyes, nose and toes. Holden seems to be warming up to her too.

Will seems less impressed and gives Holden the Heisman.

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GrammaG said...

Lily Clare is so pretty in pink. I can't help thinking of you when you were that age. Just like you when Lily Clare smiles the whole world smiles with her. She's happiness in soft pink She absolutely glows with love for "Hoo-den"
Happy Valentines day!