Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Shoes

We packed everyone up and made it out to Sandy's shoes yesterday. The kids don't get out much so it felt like a fun field trip. The had a blast exploring the store and everyone got sized properly and new shoes that fit. It was waaay overdue, everyone went up a size or more.

Will went from size 3 to size 4.5 W

Lily went from size 3 to size 5 R

Evan went from size 4.5 M to size 5.5 M

I found Stride Rights like Evan's old ones for Will and Evan got some cool Eccos. Luckily both were on sale.

Lily got squeaky shoes with pink butterflies. She had a blast dancing in them and making noise. We can take the squeak out when it starts to drive us batty but for now it is just fun to see her enjoy them. David thinks it will be a good way to keep track of her too. I think the boys were a bit dissapointed that their shoes don't squeak.

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