Saturday, February 09, 2008


Our weekend routine is to give the kids breakfast then pack the trips in their train and go to Pacha for our morning lattes. Now we also have Holden who is carried by David in the bjorn. It is quite a sight to see David with our entire brood in tow.

I still haven't captured a photo because, well, we have our hands full. By the time we get all six of us dressed and the diaper bag packed I can't seem to grab our nice digital SLR camera. I need to power up my point and shoot and keep it in my bag.

This Saturday after Pacha we met up with some friends at our local Taco Shack for breakfast tacos then off to the park for a couples and kids mega playdate.

It seemed exponentially challenging to keep up with our trio with an infant in tow. And it didn't help that it is a beautiful day and the park was packed. Also our toddlers are getting quicker and can dash away in an instant. We seemed to keep losing track of someone.

At one point they were all playing peacefully with the rocks and shovels and we let our guard down. A moment later David noticed that Evan was missing. We both quicky scanned the playscape and I noticed Evan at the very top of the big red slide.

My heart dropped. The slide is almost fifteen feet tall and has steep metal stairs. I called out 'No Evan!' which in hindsite was not the best choice because instead of flinging himself down the slide hands first he started to back up. David ran to the side to catch him in case he fell off and I dashed up the stairs and grabbed him.

We had enough excitement for the day and packed everyone up to return to the safe haven of our protected yard.


Smooch said...

I feel bad, being the impetus to meet there. I struggle w/ the two when I'm alone. And that slide fills me with fear. H&L are magnetically pulled to it. But, your backyard rocks. We can just go there w/ lattes and tacos.

Jennifer said...

jenny, you shouldn't feel bad. we want to get out. it will just take some experience to get adept at keeping up with our four.

i've been eying your new sand and water table in your yard too.