Sunday, May 18, 2008

Delicate Balance

I feel like overall we have it together, but just barely. It doesn't take much to tip us over the edge and then chaos ensues.

Last week was particularly rough. Tuesday night during bath time Evan was splashing and having fun, I let my guard down and in a flash he fell and chipped three teeth on the cast iron tub. A few minutes later Will began vomiting, then Lily. Everyone was crying, including Holden. Luckily my mom was here but we still needed back up so I and called our wonderful neighbor Melanie over. She was such a saint, holding Lily even though she was covered in vomit and helping clean up. Now that is a good neighbor.

I was physically and mentally exhausted and called an emergency home day the following day so we could catch our breath and get things in order. David took Evan to the dentist and we did a bunch of things that we really need to do but have been putting off because we are always too busy. It was just enough to get us back to that very delicate balance.

Even with lots of help of family and friends it is a crazy pace week after week. It's hard to get a moment of peace and clear our minds.

But not next week.

Next week we are going to Belize for a wedding and R&R. I'm a little worried about leaving the kids for six days. It's tough because they are too young to prepare them and explain where we are and when we will be coming back. But they will be in good hands with their grandparents and we desperately need a break.

We are looking forward to celebrating with our friends and lounging by the aqua blue ocean. But we are also looking forward to the simple eating breakfast while sitting down, having a cup of coffee without worrying about someone spilling it, getting a chance to read a book and taking a nap whenever we please.

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