Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mom, Me and Memo

I discovered this old photo I love of me and my mom GG. I think Will looks the most like me at this age out of our four. Oh, and check out my mom's cool owl necklace...mom, do you still have that somewhere??

Will aka 'Memo' 15 months


Denise Wheeler said...

He sure does look a whole lot like his mama! Too cute.

GrammaG said...

Weren't you the cutest baby!!!

Smooch said...

Wow! He really does look like you! I want that owl necklace.

Jennifer said...

I wasn't cute as Memo - but now I realize, it was mostly because I looked like a boy!

And mom, did you find the necklace?

GrammaG said...

I have one more place to look for the owl necklace. As I recall a lot of people loved that necklace, including you.
Also no one would ever confuse you for a boy, because you always wore the frilly, girly things that my mom sent you.