Friday, July 25, 2008

Boys Room

photos from The House that A_M Built via Camillia at Home via Barnes Vanze, wheh!

Side note: I've started a separate design blog Studio Freas to have a landing spot for my decorating and design ideas. But I couldn't resist adding these photos of this beautiful boys attic room for you moms out there, and well, it's crunch time and I need your input.

Our upstairs will have this converted attic look. These sloped walls are not unsimilar to our new triplet room, although our back wall is long will hold three beds (toddler beds initially) and we have two windows above. We won't have all those built-ins and lovely wood detailing, but it isn't it nice?

The carpet is great too, it would be fun for the kids to play with trucks and cars and be more forgiving than the neutral wool sisal I selected. However, since this is in a 6000 sq foot Virginia 'farmhouse' something tells me this is not inexpensive. And for those of you who do not know us in real life, our home is more of a 'cozy' cottage. I don't mean to mislead with the fabulous images I post from my dream houses.

Here is a peak into my latest ideas for our boys room. I need to decide this week so I can order curtains and select paint/flooring. I love this stuff, but designing an entire house is making me nuts. Some rooms can long as I can pick the paint now but I at least need a start.

Option 1:

For curtains, I am drawn to this Rodeo fabric from Golding. David is starting to give in to my nagging come around to the idea. It's mostly boy but does have a cowgirl in there - see her sitting on the fence? and just a snippet of the red cactus flowers on ther left. This fabric would give me a way to bring in some nice color, texture and interest.

Here's another view of this fabric in a bedroom. It has a very different look when shown in full, not so 'themey' looking as long as I don't add bandanas and ropes :)

I'd like to paint the walls a similar shade to the background of this fabric like shown in this photo(something like F&B skylight), with a darker blue trim (say F&B parma grey). I just take my paint chips to my local paint store and they can match.

For bed skirts perhaps something like this PB chambray in Red for their toddler beds below. We can use their cream sheets and blankets, but I'd like to get them crib sized comforters and pillows. Something simple and neutral for this option.

Option 2:

These quilts (on sale now at PB) and striped curtains, light blue walls. this may even go with that carpet I like in the first photos.

Option 3:

Go with a similar carpet to the first pics and find some patchwork quilts and striped curtains (see peaking out from the right).

Need help. Your input appreciated.


Anonymous said...

These are all great ideas and really cute! As a mom of kids who are a bit older, I would only caution you to keep in mind that they'll be big kids in big beds before you know it, so you may not want to invest a lot of money in linens for the toddler bed. I do love the blue carpet though; if it is not too outrageous, an upgrade to that might be a better investment.

A-M said...

Goodness, all your options are so stylish... they would all work. I love the cowboy theme, especially when the room will eventually be just for your boys. The red bed skirts would be so striking and would look stunning with the paint you have chosen. The carpet in the images you posted is very striking but you would have to have a very neutral room for it to work. I LOVE that carpet... where to find it?.... especially all the way over here in Australia! A-M xx

Smooch said...

I'm torn b/c I like the cowboy fabric and the plaid carpet. But not together.

I wouldn't put the polo clubs on the wall though. I can imagine Evan and Lily trying to club each other. Ditto with lacrosse sticks or field hockey sticks.

Jennifer said...

thanks ladies for all the great input.

dining tables said...

These are great inspirations for some little boy's bedroom! Thanks a lot! Big help!