Thursday, July 24, 2008

Toddler Speak

This is a follow up post to my previous 'changes' post. I didn't capture how much their language has changed recently. They are much better at telling us what they are thinking. This is huge - it's great to know what they want or need in stead of guessing.

Lily will repeat anything you say but here are some of the things they all say unprompted.
  • They ask for certain shows in the morning - usually 'tubbies' or 'thomas'.
  • They say 'shoe off', 'shirt off', 'diaper off' - given the choice they prefer to be nude.
  • They ask for 'breakfast', 'more fruit', popsicle 'pok-eh-cal or pok-eh-do' or 'no want it'.
  • They like to play chase and say 'ya voy' which is kind of like 'I'm coming (to get you)' in Spanish.
  • When in bed they babble to each other. One of their favorite things to say is 'dino' back and forth - I don't know why. Maybe it is 'night night' in triplet speak.
  • They are all learning their manners but especially Will. We get a lot of 'tank -u' and 'gracias' from him. They say please too 'peese' and 'por favor' but it comes out more like 'bor-buh-bor'.
  • They now say 'timeout' and 'settle down'
  • Last night Lily was making her doll walk and saying 'baby camina', 'baby camina' which is 'baby walk' in Spanish.
  • They like the alphabet song and know a smattering of the letters, more than I posted before. They will rattle off different letters like O-P, I-K, Y-Z, and 'now I know my'. Lily is fond of 'W', I think she finds it impressive. Will likes to say O-P and can identify 'Y'
  • They say 'potty' and I think I forgot to post it but Lily used the potty for the first time a few weeks ago - and not again since.
  • updated with one more, how could i forget - we have also gotten our first 'i love you's - melts your heart


Denise Wheeler said...

That's awesome that they are saying so much. Very cool that you are teaching them Spanish so early.

Scott Stater said...

Very cute post... from this point they're basically going to learn about a word a day (or more!).

Christie said...

This age is so much fun. They really are amazing and how much they are doing and saying. Liam loves "W" too! He has a green W magnet on our fridge and he always "dibs" it in the mornings.