Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost Civilized

Inspired by fellow same age group triplet mom Kelli we have had tried several meals as a family at the table. (but look how much taller her children look at the table) I'm also tired of our tacky plastic highchairs with all the parts to clean and wanting to experiment with some other options before we move into our newly remodeled house.

This photo looks nice but doesn't tell the whole story. We have only had mediocre success. They will sit nicely for a few minutes but then they start to try to climb on the table or 'experiment' with their food. Will poured his cereal milk down his chest and into his chair this morning because it looked or felt interesting, or both. It is really difficult for Evan to sit still. He is enjoying the freedom too much, roaming the room, eating off other's plates, climbing in other's chairs. Generally causing michief. Evan poor thing has been spending a lot of time in timeout, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Lily can now say 'mischief'.

We have had a few moments of nice family meals, especially when David and I sit with them but we need more practice. I'm also not sure I'm ready for them to have all this freedom. It means I have to stay on my toes to quickly clean sticky hands before they run off and get food on the furniture.


Kelli said...

I sent you an e-mail with more details from our experience.....but they do look so cute in this picture!

Just like with any big transition, it takes time....but it is so hard with six sticky hands runnig around, three little ones getting on the table, etc.

I have been putting them back in their highchairs if they keep getting up.....and I think they are catching on that to stay in the big chairs, they have to keep their little bums on the seat!

Good luck!!!!!!!
- Kelli

GrammaG said...

Love the haircuts! They look so grown up in the chairs, sitting nicely at the table. I guess the picture only tells part of the story.