Friday, August 15, 2008

Hairs Lair

Finally, long overdue haircuts today...

Evan went first. He was a bit unsure but very patient, quite a good boy.

Memo cried the whole time like last time.

Lily's new style. She nearly didn't get a haircut. She was screaming and clinging to me. Finally she would sit in my lap while I sat in the chair (thus no pictures in action). Margot, our hair dresser let Lily hold the whole box of little toys to get her attention and made it clear that this was a rare very special treat for Lily's first haircut. I was thankful and very pleased with Lily's darling bob. We took home the first cut lock and a certificate for the baby book.


Misty said...

I have yet to bring mine to get their hair cut. I'm terrible. I just grab their bangs when they are eating and snip real quick. My poor girls! You crew is adorable as always. Oh, I Love your other blog too! Absolutely beautiful pictures!
gggg 21moths

Kelli said...

What great pictures......your trio are so CUTE, and their hair is absolutely beautiful!

My boys HATE having their haircut, i dread it each time!!