Thursday, August 07, 2008


Will can climb out of his crib. Evan can unzip his crib tent.

Last night I finally put Will in Evan's crib with tent and zipped him in. Since Evan can get out anyway I put him in Will's crib. Eventually everyone went to sleep but this morning Lily's crib had been moved to the other side of the room.


Denise Wheeler said...

Every single morning my trio's room is rearranged and none of mine have tried to climb out yet. Obviously if the little munchkin can crawl out he is doing it well enough to not get hurt? Any thoughts of moving to big boy/girl beds?

Jennifer said...

yes, denise. i think that may be a good idea. i'm seriously considering moving to toddler beds in September when we move to back to our remodeled house.

i'm thinking that the 'climbing out' part has become a game so the beds may be better.

the problem is that they run around and wake each other up and it upsets them when someone crawls in their crib or pushes it around. general mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Will must be so proud of himself, finally climbing out of his crib. The pictures of Holden are fabulous, can't help but smile along with him.
The couch tent looks like fun.
Miss you all!
Gram and PaPa

MaryBeth said...

I really, really dread this crib climbing phase... I'm hoping it will pass us by. I love the cute pictures of Holden. He already looks like one of the big kids and not a little infant anymore. Ella walked at barely 9 months old. I bet he'll be walking well before then!

Jennifer said...

oh MB I too hope your girls are not crib climbers especially with your husband deployed.

you can always get three crib tents if your not up to fighting it...$80 each. ouch.

Smooch said...

Mine can climb out of the crib, but they don't. I'm knocking on every wood thing in the house right now.