Friday, August 08, 2008



Betsey said...

Hi Jennifer,
Your kiddos are so cute! (And getting so big!) I was wondering how the white slip-covered furniture is holding up. I keep reading that it's a practical solution for family room furniture b/c you can just throw the slipcovers in the wash & bleach if nec. I love the look but George is being a naysayer!
Can't wait to see pics of your remodeled house.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Betsey.

would love to see some new photos of your family.

on the white...i have mixed feelings. they do show dirt and spills easily but it's great that they can be thrown in the wash and bleached. we do that quite often.

at least with little one's i would have had to wash the covers even if you could not 'see' the dirt.a color slipcover would not have held up as well and i couldn't treat stains with bleach.

GrammaG said...

The boys seem to be having such fun pretending they are butterflies. What joy! The wings were worth every penny you paid for them. Thanks for the blog. Wish I could be there to share these moments with them.

GrammaG said...

Did I mention I liked the look on Holden face that seemed to say," I want to be a butterfly too!"

Denise Wheeler said...

Too funny! They look so cute pretending to be butterflies.