Saturday, August 09, 2008

Second Degree

When we were leaving the park this morning we had an accident.

There was a three year old birthday party and they had a portable bb grill right there by the playground. We had to go pretty close to the party because the celebrant and his friends were playing with our wagon. David was loading them up while I was packing Holden into his stroller and Lily ran into their grill! Poor thing, she burned her hand quite severely, second degree with an almost one inch blister on her left thumb.

I can't believe they would have a grill right next to the playground and unsupervised. I didn't even see it. They had a bunch of little ones in their own party for peets sake. Geesh.

And Lily, our sweet Lily, was in a lot of pain. But what shook me up most is how it could have been much worse, very easily. The hostess just said to me, I think your daughter ran into our grill, my daughter did the same thing once at the beach. Just put some ice on it. I was speechless and just went to follow David rushing home with the kids.
Updated. The blister kept swelling and extended to the tip of her finger. It hurt her a lot today. She kept shaking her hand and saying ow-ee, ow-ee. It finally popped and it looks really tender. It is bad but thank God it wasn't worse. How easy it could have been a lot worse.
Also, I don't know why I didn't know this but you shouldn't put ice on a burn, it can burn it further. From my Internet searching it seemed that the common recommendation is to run the area under cool water for 20 mins - and for those with small kids, they say to hold their hand under the water even if they cry because it will reduce the impact of the burn. Then of course turn your attention to calming and comforting the child.
The pharmacist recommended treating with a burn gel or spray with lidocane for pain and aloe for soothing and healing. And once the blister pops to treat with Bactrim, not Neosporin. I'm not sure why the one antibotic and not the later.


GrammaG said...

So sorry to hear about sweet Lily's thumb burn. Burns can be so painful. Hope she was able to sleep last night and that she heals quickly. Hugs and kisses from me to Lily.

MaryBeth said...

Poor Lilly, I hope she has gotten some relief from the pain... burns are the worst!!

Smooch said...

awful. poor thing!

I saw them setting up the grill and didn't think that much about it at the time, but it was right in the thick of things near the birthday festivities. Kind of boneheaded.

Scott Stater said...

How stressful... I hope she is feeling better!

Denise Wheeler said...

Poor Lily! I hope she is feeling better and the pain isn't too terrible. I hate burns. They are the worst.

betty said...

i saw the hotdogs but i didn't even see the grill! it is scary when you think about how dangerous that is. there were so many little ones there. hope lily's finger is better soon.

Misty said...

Poor Lily! Ihave had a similar burn and I know how miserable that is! Thanks for the info on the ice. I had no idea.
I tried to vote too, but I choose door 4. I love the character of it.

Anonymous said...

so sorry about lily :( that makes me so sad. bacteria is becoming resistant to neosporin, and bacitracin/polysporin have mulitiple topical antimicrobial angents instead of just one like neosporin, so "more fight" in them!
love ya,