Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Natural Gardener

We visited Natural Gardener today where Lucina is working on the herb garden she designed. I wish I got a photo of it, it is early but already is beautiful. Next time.

Lucinda selected a mix of soft lush ferns and wild violets for our shady forest areas. She also spied a pretty windchime and some colorful children's sized garden tools for us.

This weekend Issac, Carmen's husband will be back to deliver the soil, a yard of the Hill Country Garden Soil also from Natural Gardener, for the 'salad bar' and 'butterfly garden'. Speaking of, Natural Gardener has both. Their grounds are rather large and there many places to explore including a couple of pens with burros that the kids were tickled to visit. It is a challenging to say the least to keep track of all four in the nursery so we didn't make it over to the Butterfly Garden this visit. I plan on visiting again over the next week or so with one child in tow so we can wander around the beautiful grounds. I will also pick up more plants for my gardens since my beds will be ready after the weekend.

**Updated to add that after I wrote this post Lucinda recommended Natural Gardener's Rose Magic Soil with a bag of peet moss blended in for our vegetable garden so we will try that instead of the Hill Country Garden Soil.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, The yard looks beautiful! I'm sure the kiddos were a great help to Isaac. We look forward to seeing it in April. I was surprised to see how dark Will's hair appears in the photos. I wonder if it will lighten up with the sunshine. Hugs and Kisses to you all, Grammy