Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Talleyran Park

Mrs B had a great idea to meet at Talleyran Park, down off Old Spicewood Rd, with the boys and their bikes. We had a nice outdoor playdate and pinic. It is a beautiful little park, hilly with lots of trees and shaded picnic areas. It has inspired me to get more involved with our neighborhood park to help it realize all it's potential.

The boys were very cute exploring together.

They had a blast bicycling around and climbing these new citrus colored playscapes.

Evan is a natural on the trike, he is able to peddle and steer with ease. From the moment he got his tricycle for his 2nd birthday he was peddling away. Will is mostly scooting along using his feet but we did get some good practice using the peddles today.


Denise Wheeler said...

What a great looking park! Looks like a wonderful place to explore and have fun.

GrammaG said...

Having friends like Rowan and Devan is so special. Imagine the memories they will have by the time they are teenagers.