Thursday, March 26, 2009

San Diego

Holden and I recently tagged along with David on a business trip to San Diego. It was Holden's first airplane trip. He was charming on the flight, easily making friends by waving hi, blowing kisses and flashing his winsome smile.

He even made friends in our hotel room.

We stayed at Tower 23, right on the beach. Our room had an ocean view and opened up to a patio deck with rock garden and fountain which entertained Holden while David and I relaxed and got to spend a little down time together.

David worked most of the time but it was nice for him to return to the hotel and have us there with him instead of being on his own most of the week.

We didn't do too much in San Diego, just long walks, playing in the sand, napping and a few nice meals. The first night went out to dinner at the hotel restaurant and brought Holden along. He had gourmet kids meal of fish sticks and matchstick fries and was happy as a clam. We soaked in the simple pleasure of being normal parents with one child and were able to actually have a conversation.

The second night we had sushi takeout and watched Slumdog Millionaire in our room. Holden napped through dinner and the movie, but woke up right at the end in time to dance to the musical finale. He is such a joyful being. He seemed quite relaxed and content to have mom and dad all to himself. I enjoyed spending leisurely time with him with no distractions. Just reading him a book or giving him undivided attention while digging in the sand was a nice treat for both of us. And of course it was a nice treat for me to get to steal a few minutes with David amidst a busy work week.

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We hope you had fun in "our" town...! :)