Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tonight while talking to David on the phone in NY, Evan said, 'Hi Dad, how are you?' He mumbled a bunch of other things excitedly about his day, including 'I pushed the button (on the phone)', saying 'yes' to a few questions from David and signing off by saying 'Bye Daddy' and giving him a kiss."

Earlier today when I got the kids up from their nap Lily was crying saying, 'Memo pushed me'. I asked Will if that was true, he said sincerely and calmly 'Uh, huh. Memo needs to go in time out, Memo needs to go in time-out (with emphasis).'

I said, 'Well, let's just give Lily a hug and say I'm sorry.'

Will went up to Lily and pointed to her arm and back saying 'Lily hurts here and here. Mmm, hmm. Sorry Lily' while gently patting her back.

Holden brought me a book at bedtime and pointed to the animals. I said 'elephant' and he said 'el-fant'. He said 'hoo-hoo' for the owl and 'quack quack' for the duck. He has definitely had a language developmental leap this past week or two, repeating a lot more of what we say. The 'big kids' love counting and do so quite often (they all seem to be skipping five these days, but I digress). Anyway when they are counting Holden likes to chime in with 'two!'.

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GrammaG said...

Holden: Interest rates go up--- in Books, That is!
Watching Holden's interest in books develop is so wonderful. Soon his older sibs can "read" a book to him. Research has shown children's interest in books clearly predicts a child's development of reading. Thanks for taking time in your busy day to read to my grandchildren.