Sunday, September 23, 2007


Thank you everybody! You know you have great friends when they not only come to your triplet's one year old birthday party with lots of tots underfoot but even appear to be having a good time. We were also lucky to be able to have all the grandparents celebrate with us.

Will, Evan and Lily enjoyed the fiesta too, lots of people to give them attention and friends to play with. They also made out like bandits with new toys including sand box toys, a shiny red rider firetruck and lots of great new books.

It felt right to celebrate the past and look forward to the new year.

Birthday cake round two.

Evan walking. Harper and Lucy, Clare, Jack and Emily in the background.

Evan gives Stuart some stock tips.

Evan hopped onto the truck before it was even out of the box. Rowan, Lily and Will stepped in to take a closer look.

Why did you not fix my hair for the party mom?

Saturday was also the last day of summer. Cooler weather must be right around the corner. Horray!

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