Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Playground Etiquite

We've recently graduated from the baby swings to the playscape area of the park. We are newbies but I am starting to develop my own sense of play ground rules.

1. Unattended toys are for sharing.
2. Lend a hand if you see a toddler about to (fall off a step, eat a rock etc) near you.
3. Monitor your children. Especially if your child is (pushing, throwing rocks etc) at another child.
4. Do not leave your child to be attended to by another mom. Especially if said mom is pregnant and trying to look after her own three children. And even more so if your child is aggressive (see rule #3).
5. Do not leave sippy cups lying on the ground unattended. Especially if you don't want another child picking them up. And don't look disgusted when my child picks it up and puts it in their mouth if you do leave it on the ground. And don't look doubly disgusted when your child puts it back in their mouth after you leave it back on the ground.
6. Do not poach another's nanny from the park, especially if you live in the same neighborhood. Really.
7. Have fun.

Do you have any to add? Agree or disagree with any of these? Please feel free to share your playground experiences.

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The Grubbs said...

Number 5 was my first rule that I learned at a mall play area. Can you say YUCK!