Thursday, March 05, 2009


We painted today. It took lot of effort for maybe eight minutes of art time. Holden ate most of his paint then crawled across the table much to the kid's dismay. I'm hoping once Holden is older art time will be a bit easier.

The clean up was the best part for the kids, they played with the hose for almost an hour - and now that we have grass no mud pit! Then I stripped them down and put them in our tub.

I need to remember to lock the doors so I don't have wet kids with paint running through house. It is tough to keep up with the four. It would also be handy to have place to hang drying art and wet clothes and another mat by my french doors into our master bedroom so we can wipe off feet before heading to the tub. An outdoor shower or tub would be even better.

In the meantime, mom and dad's tub does the job.


Fiesty at Fifty said...

jennifer, your foursome are just adorable. i admire you for all that you do with them. i check the blog about every other day and they make me smile. thanks for sharing your life and children with us, the faithful viewers. who needs reality t.v. when you have a friend who has her own that is much more interesting. i think you should give the octuplet mom some advice.

Fiesty at Fifty said...

jennifer, your foursome are so adorable. i check in every couple of days and they always make me smile. thanks so much to you and david for sharing your wonderful family with us, your viewers. you have the best reality show, something much more real and interesting than what is on t.v., keep the postings coming.

love to all, linnea
ps this sentiment may have already been posted. i still get confused with technology!