Thursday, March 05, 2009


Yesterday the kids and I planted our new ferns and wild violets that Lucinda selected for us. We have a mix of Southern Wood Ferns, Autumn Ferns and Wax Ferns with a bit of Missouri Violets. The woodland part of our garden is really starting to take shape. Lucinda is so excited about our new garden that today she picked up some additional plants for us to mix in and she sent me on a run to Lowes for some large wispy palms that were only $6 a bucket.

The big kids did some of the digging and helped fill the newly planted areas with soil. Evan is quite adept with the shovel, putting his foot on the shovel like we do to dig in, then scooping and pouring the dirt in a pile.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! Where did you find the ferns and violets?

Anonymous said...

The news is showing Austin is in the 80s again. The kids can be out playing in the hose today. I hope our pool will be warm enough for swimming in April. Miss you, Grammy and PaPa

Jennifer said...

anon - natural gardener, great place