Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kiddo update

While I'm working in NYC this week I took a moment to consider how far the kids have grown over the past couple of weeks.

Holden now asks for a "nana" in the morning and tells his sibliings "nigh-nigh" when they go to bed.

Evan made a bunch of friends at Sunday school last week. They are a bit older and rougher so they can hang with his antics.

Will is always the first to notice when we're wearing running clothes and calls dibs to "go jogging with daddy". I missed him during my 7-mile run along the Hudson this morning. Not his weight, mind you -- but his cheerful disposition as he shares his observations along the trail.

Lily has developed a delightful Steverman laugh-giggle and seems to be so full of words that they come spilling out in passionate and intent discussion.

Jennifer -- good luck holding down the fort!

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