Tuesday, June 27, 2006

24 Weeks

All babies look good - they are getting crowded but have good amniotic fluid :)

Little Pea is still in the middle, head down with legs kicked up towards Stretch (Dad says she will be a good yogi). Stretch is on my left, with his legs tucked behind Bruiser. Bruiser, on my right, is still head up, legs down.

- Cervix looks great, no signs of impending labor
- Glucose test for gestational diabetes - negative! yea!
- Fibronectin test for indication of preterm labor - test is negative, there is a %99.9 chance that I will not deliver in the next two weeks. If positive they would just want to monitor more closely and tell me to take it even easier. should get results by tomorrow (they will retest @ 28 weeks).

- No travel for daddy recommended post 26-28 weeks (2-4 weeks from now July 9th/July 23rd).
- No work in the office for momma post 27 weeks (mid July) but should be cutting back on hours in the office now. They thought working at home for last two weeks of July would be fine.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good Baby Update

Good baby update today. They all weighed in at over the 1 lb milestone and are just about 12 inches long!

Baby A girl - 1 lb
Baby B boy - 1 lb 2 oz
Baby C boy - 1 lb 1 oz

They are all active and look super w/ great amniotic fluid. The sonographer thought they looked perfect and she was pleased w/ how well they were all doing.