Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Photo

Our talented photographer friend Scott took some more family photos for us last weekend. He shared this one shot with us as a preview.

It's a great shot of us at the original Taco Shack around the corner from our home. I can't wait to see how the rest turned out.

Mischief Managed

We caved, the 'cozy' crib tents are up.

Evan was upset and Lily was mad as a hornet for about five minutes, then they went to sleep. It has been peaceful ever since.

I also ordered their toddler rails, so we may reconsider the tents when moving back to our house in September. But I'm just relieved that we can get back to regular naps and avoid the two to three hour bedtime.

The event that pushed me over my limit was when Lily and Evan moved their cribs up to the very high changing table and knocked everything off the dresser and were sitting there hanging out, Lily waving the blind rod around.

Party over. Mischief managed (for now).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jessica's Back!

Jessica was on vacation last week so no playschool. But she is back this week. You should have heard the squeals of delight when the kids saw her arrive. They know that it means three solid hours of messy fun ahead.

This week they played in a big tub of flour - possibly their favorite 'sensory activity' so far. Each week they have been exploring something new. Jessica says that most kids will want to touch whatever is in the tub first but that Lily always just jumps right in. She has an adventurous spirit.

They pasted glitter on toilet paper tubes and added colorful tissue paper to make a festive thingy that they strung along the lights in our yard.

This week was also the messiest I have ever seen them. By the end they had flour, glitter and paint over almost every square inch of them. And big smiles. I'm so glad Jessica has the energy to come over and do this with them. Each week I wonder if she will really come back and pleasantly surprised when she returns.

I'm getting great ideas from her like this homemade kool aid playdough.

Fruity Playdough
(this is a recipe I found, assuming it is the same or similar to the kool aid playdough Jessica makes)

1 cup flour
1 package Kool-Aid (any flavor)
1 tablespoon cream of tartar
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1/4 cup salt
3/4 cup boiling water

Mix all dry ingredients in bowl then oil, then pour boiling water in and mix thoroughly.

Wrap in cellophane or air tight container and store in fridge. The play dough should last a few months.

Good Golly

Well, I have nothing interesting to post. I'm too tired because my kids can get out of the bed and are not sleeping anymore. Carmen said to me this morning that maybe they don't need naps any more, I replied 'good god, no, the definitely need a nap!.' we must resolve this.

Anyway this crib climbing is getting dull. I promise to be back soon with an update on the house remodel progress and some thoughts on cleaning. Ok, that is not much more interesting.

Maybe I'll get my camera fixed and update with some cute photos. Don't give up on me - you three readers out there...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mischief Magnified

Now Evan can get out of the crib. There has been lots of running around the room, screeching, little sleeping. They had no nap yesterday.

Last night I had to sit in their room until they calmed down and went to sleep.

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Mischief

Nap time today is going down hill fast.

It started out well and all was quiet for a half an hour, then I heard talking. When I checked in Lily was out of her crib and had pushed the boys cribs around. She had Evan's crib barricading the door.

I took Lily's paci away and told her that she had to be in her crib to have it back. It worked for a moment but then she and will began throwing their animals back and forth. When I went back in she was trying to climb back into Evan's crib and he was in tears.

She is now in a pack in play in the playroom.

I just peaked in and she was half way out, I told her to lay down, she did.

I still hear the boys, I'm going to head in and see if I can get them calmed back down.


I gave the boys bottles of milk and they fell immediately to sleep.

Lily ended up in and out of the pack and play many times. She finally wore herself out and passed out on the twin mattress in the play room.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mischief Maker

One of our children has figured out how to climb out of the crib.

No, not Evan. Our adept climber is Lily this time. She pushes her body over the railing and lowers her feet on the outside of the crib, standing on the mattress, then jumps down. She's quick and rather graceful about it.

And I was just getting smug about how smart I was that I had purchased these fabulous cribs with high railings...

Worse, she can climb back into the boys cribs. Twice last night she climbed into Evan's crib and again this morning - much to Evan's dismay.

We are temporarily leaving the door closed so at least she can't escape in the night and wander around the house but we need a better solution, pronto.

I had thought we would buy crib tents when this day came, but now I'm having second thoughts. I'm leaning towards buying the toddler bed conversion kits for our cribs and just working through the painful transition now.
What is your vote?

Toddler bed rails...

or baby jail cozy crib tent?


Do you need some inspiration to get fit?

If yes, read this: 'Mom of 1 year old sextuplets runs marathon'.

OK, no more excuses, it is time to get that baby jogger for Holden and hit the trails as a family. Although, David will probably still be faster than me even while pushing the triplets.

I have only been going once a week to mommy and me yoga with Holden. Last week I took Lily. It has been a nice way to ease back into exercising but I'm ready to take it up a notch.

This week I finally had an appointment with an orthopedist for my hip pain. Have I mentioned that? Anyway, three months after Holden was born I started having the exact same deep hip pain that I had about three months after the trips were born. I also generally feel achy all over. I have assumed that it is just normal wear and tear from two back to back pregnancies and caring for four children.

Last time the doctor gave me a steroid pack and within the week 80% of the pain was gone! I'm hoping for similar success this time.

They also gave me a prescription for physical therapy. Last time it was limited to heat treatment, massage and some simple stretching. This time she prescribed a more robust therapy including strengthening and aerobic conditioning. I go for my evaluation next week. This may be a good jump start to getting my strength back.

I will also be visiting an arthritis specialist for the body aches just to rule out any other issues. But I have a feeling that exercise and more sleep will be exactly what I need to start feeling better.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my lovely husband.

Daddy Top 10
Thank You For...

10. changing diapers and dressing wiggly kids
9. buying supplies: milk, diapers, wipes, wine and chocolate
8. refilling bottles, sippy cups and wine glasses
7. jogging, waggon rides and trips to the park
6. tucking in to bed and checking in the middle of the night
5. dancing, wrestling and playing ball
4. reading favorite books again and again - 'dora the explorer', 'monster trucks', 'a potty for me'
3. making scrambled eggs and toast in the morning
2. playing favorite game 'Hop on Pop'
1. loving us and being a wonderful dad

We love you,
Jennifer, Lily, Evan, Will and Holden

David with Lily, Will and Evan

and baby Holden.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hunter Photoshoot

These are not photos of my baby, but photos I took on Friday of my friend Lisa's baby Hunter. Isn't he adorable? If I must say so myself, I think I took nice photos, but what an easy subject.

I was wondering why I don't have as good photos of Holden and vowed to have a session soon for him. But then Evan and I broke my lens. (I put it in toddler reach, then when Evan grabbed it I yelled 'NO' so he dropped it. Note to self, approach wily toddler slowly and 'disarm' gracefully.) So, anyway, need to get that remedied pronto so I can get some good baby photos of my love bug too.Check Spelling Meanwhile you will be getting updates from my point and shoot.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Baby Face

Sometimes one photo just doesn't tell the story. These photos are from March, Lily 'helping' Holden clap, then naming his nose, teeth, eye and ears.

Playschool Week 4 - Being Helpful/Friends

Here is a peak into Jessica's playschool 'agenda'.

Each day she starts with a 'sensory activity', basically a bucket with treasures based on the theme, buried in rice, dirt, etc. Then they move on to their 'art' activity. Each day they also have an 'exercise' time with some physical play.

The agenda and theme are a good way for her to plan the time. The kids stay really engaged. They are happy and behave well when they are kept busy.

The kids are really enamoured with her, can you tell why? I wish I was spaghetti paining right now...

Sensory Table
· Dry beans or popcorn

· Spaghetti painting

Sensory Activity
· Gak

· Each child make their own PBJ sandwiches
· Wash and scrub deck and tables with soap and scrub brushes

· Rolling
· Red light/green light game

· (jessica from Family Connections)

What to bring
· Cooked spaghetti
· Bread, peanut butter, jelly and large tongue depressors
· Gak (jessica)

This was the last session, I hope she will sign up for another month.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dining Inspiration

I'd love a comfortably casual dining room like this...with an antique farm house table (this one is a tasting table from a Martinique rum factory), pendant lantern and an eclectic pairing of chairs, beach bamboo with tailered upholstered ones (but with no fabric or child friendly material).
We have original 1930s oak floors that will be stained a walnut color but if I ever were to have tile in a home I'd have to consider this classic travertine in Walnut from

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Dear Holden

Thank you darling for being a sweet dream baby.

I am reminded by the numerous new parents at my office how tough those early baby days can be. I talk to tired moms and dads who speak of long jagged crying spells in evening or day and night sleep confusion keeping them up all night.

You never cause a fuss. Your only demand is that we feed you regularly and occasionally in the evenings we must stand and cradle you while swaying side to side. We oblige. You love to interact with us, cooing and making 'rasberries'.

Since two months old you have been going to bed easily around 9:30pm and sleep soundly through the night. You don't care for pacis (I've tried but you promptly spit them out) so there is no paci fetching in the middle of the night. You don't even cry out except for a sleep chuckle once in a blue moon. You must have good dreams.

You sleep so peacefully until the early morning when you cough twice to let me know it is time to nurse, then we cuddle together until morning.

Holden, you are already crawling a bit at just over four months! You are very strong, getting up on your hands and knees and lurching forward. It is cute how you push up to a runners start, other times you lift an arm up high trying to propel forward.

You keep a close eye on your big siblings, watching them run around like wild howler monkeys, and play. You even make their toddler squeals. I know you want to join in and it won't be too much longer now.

Mom and Dad