Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Wishes

The kids were very excited to see Rudoph again.   But he was prepared for us this year and the kids did not knock him over like last year.

 Waiting in line to meet Santa.

On Evan's wishlist:  a jet, a remote control car and chocolate cake with milk.

On Will's wish list: a submarine and rescue boat, hot vanilla (instead of chocolate) and a trip to Sea World.

on Lily Clare's wish list: a Unicorn book, makeup, babydolls and plenty of art paper and markers.

On Holden's wish list: a black duck (penguin that santa gave him), a bike and a candy cane.

Lily Clare gives Mrs. Claus a big hug.

More fun with Rudolph.

Breakfast with Grammy.

Candy and balloons for all.


Will asked for tape and paper to wrap a rocket for Baby Jesus.