Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting to know you...

The babies are starting to interact more and more with each other. They think it is so funny to see another baby, laughing and giggling when they are on the floor together.

Yesterday, Evan was reaching out trying to grab Memo's head and ears. From early on, Evan has seemed very in tune with his siblings.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Evan Catnap

Evan crashes out on the floor with his frog after a fun afternoon playing with Papa and Grammy. It's Papa's 60th birthday!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Developmental Therapist Visit

Good news, we passed all of our developmental tests. The babies are all doing great and they LOVED the one on one attention, all laughing and smiling w/ Mary Elizabeth, the therapist. Bad news, they don't qualify for therapy. Would have loved to have her visit them and work with them on a regular basis. But she can visit again in two months to check their progression.

Will was a big flirt, Evan was very talkative and Lily was smiley and happy.

We were instructed to buy more toys and interesting rattles to encourage 'mid-line' grabbing. The way we prop the babies on the boppies is good as it encourages them to hold their bottles too.

She also said it is good that they show preference for toys, as that shows ability to self soothe. Will loved some crazy rattle she had w/ lots of colors and textures. Evan loves puppy and grabs both ears and puts them in his mouth.

Let's see, what else, Lily showed off her gracefull rolling skills. You go strong girl!

Here is a group shot we took after the session.

Update: All babies scored at their real age level on the developmental tests (18-19), horray! So, even though they were almost four weeks premature, they are performing at a normal four month level rather than their adjusted age of about three months.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pajama Time

The moon is up, its getting late. Let's get ready to celebrate. It's pajama time! Grandpa and Dad read Trucks to Evan before bedtime. He was very 'talkative' having lots to say about the different trucks.