Thursday, April 05, 2012


It has been busy as we ramp to Easter.  The kids have been hiding and searching for eggs in the yard for several weeks now.  They all had elaborate Easter parties at school.  The day of the parties Will said ' it was the best day of my life'.

In other news, we have moved Holden up to the boys bunk room.  Lily didn't want to be left out so has been sleeping with them too.   The transition has been a lot smoother than we anticipated.  Holden said it was 'awesome' and 'I love you!'.   Right away he started sleeping through the night in his own bed rather than joining us in the middle of the night. He also started doing more things on his own like making his bed and buckling his car seat. So he must feel more like a big kid now.

 My cowboys, playing with party favors from a birthday at Little Buckaroo's ranch.

We had a wonderful time in Antigua at Veronica and John's wedding.  The friends of the bride and groom stayed in these four casitas with adjoining courtyard.   We were treated to a homemade breakfast in house each day, then spent our days exploring, visiting the local sites and hanging around the pool.  The town is a maze of cobblestone streets, peppered with antique churches and surrounded by volcanoes.  The guys were lucky to see a volcano erupt smoke while they were on the golf course.

The city was festive. In preparating for Easter holy days all the churches were decorated with these sawdust drawings.  On sunday there was a huge parade through town which drew hundreds of thousands of spectators.

David gave a few pointers.

Antigua was the original capital of Guatamala and has many churches over 500 years old.  They have been damaged by numerous earthquakes, but still very beautiful.