Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lil Firecrackers

Happy 4th everybody. We had a fun packed weekend. We kicked off the festivities with our annual neighborhood parade and carnival. The triplets decorated and rode their bikes for the first time. Ah, big kids.

Holden didn't want to ride in the wagon, but insisted in pulling it the whole route - although he did take a short cut across the park. I didn't mention but he gave his bottles away to baby Hudson a week ago and is now officially a big boy. David took him to pick out a special toy to celebrate - he chose a cat piano keyboard. He is proud to be a big boy now but has been a bit of a terror, he will not wear clothes, difficult to going to sleep and generally just a mess. I think he just needs to learn how to unwind without the bottle. Hopefully this is just a phase, a short lived one.

David and I spent Saturday with friends at a lake house with a boat trip to devils cove which was hip hopping, but fine in small doses. I prefer the tranquillity of the lake house. Sunday was also full with a family barbecue pool party complete with sparklers.