Friday, July 14, 2006

Baby Names

Baby names we like...

Boy Names
William (David's dad's name, Jennifer's mother Gloria brother's name is William).
Evan (David's middle name, David's paternal grandmother's maiden name)
Holden (name Jennifer likes)
Jack (name Jennifer likes, Jose a form of Jonathon (Jack) is Jennifer's paternal grandfather's name)

Girl Names
Berkely (name David likes, city J&D lived in when they got married, where Jennifer went to grad school)
Marin (marin county, favorite place)
Maya (budda's mother's name)
Abby (name we have always liked, means 'joy of the father')
Lillian 'Lily' (Jennifer likes the name, Jennifer's maternal grandmother has a sister named Lilly)

Boy Middle Names
Benjamin (David's maternal grandfather)
Emmett (Jennifer's maternal grandfather)
Joseph (Jennifer's paternal grandfather 'Jo' Julius)
Brady (where Emmett grew up and location of his farms and farmhouse)
Dillon (where we often spend Christmas, David's parent's condo in Colorado)

Girl Middle Names
Clare (David's mother and grandmother's name)
Morgan (David's maternal grandmother's maiden name, David's sister Christy's middle name)