Sunday, October 26, 2008


Have you ever woken up and then it just strikes you...this is going to be a good day?

In hindsight, the eggs were not smiling with me, but laughing at me.
The kids didn't nap, we were worn out. Yes, of course with four young kids there were many precious moments but more utterly exhausting moments. My photos don't ever tell the whole story, they are too static and our house is very kinetic, it's constant motion and commotion.

Squeaky Clean




Yo ho, yo ho!

Tired parents pirates out at a Halloween party.

Four pregnant ladies...means lots of new babes running around next Halloween.

The hostess, due early November.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Grammy Clare!

Thank you for being an incredible mom and grandma. The time you spend with Will, Evan, Lily Clare, and Holden is giving them a great foundation of love and learning. The smiles and excitement they show when they see your car pull up says it all.

When we sing our "good night" song each night, they remember to add in a 'good night grammy and papa' verse.

The kids are so lucky to have you in their lives. We wish you a very happy birthday.

David & Jennifer

Friday, October 24, 2008

House Pics - After

Ok, I finally took some snapshots of our completed remodel project. We still are awaiting our new door and need to finish hanging things on the wall but it is starting to feel like home.

Artwork courtsey of Will, Evan, Lily and Holden.

Fall Field Trip

It's a beautiful fall day in Austin. It was actually a bit chilly this morning. It was also one of the first days I haven't been working or unpacking and could take a little more time to do some fun things with the kids.

First we did the obligatory fall pumpkin patch visit and photo. We were feeling ambitious and visited two patches.


Lily Clare



Gramma GG and Holden

Holden standing by himself at the pumpkin patch.

Next stop...the Zilker botanical gardens and Dinosaur exhibit.

Carmen and the kids checking out a dinosaur. Can you name this dino?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're Home!

Wow, we have finally moved back into our home and it is everything I imagined and more. We are still unpacking and organizing but it already feels like a home.

I didn't capture any moving pictures because we were all too exhausted and crazy. But I promise to post some photos of our new home soon.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

When the House is Finished...

Our house is almost finished...we are so close. They finished staining the floors this week and we are waiting for them to dry. Next week the appliances go in, the deck, fence and gate get built and the final paint punch list should be completed.

I'm hoping we can move in next weekend and it will be none to soon. I keep finding myself saying, when the house is finished I've have more *time/space* to...

- cook and bake without three directly underfoot pulling everything off the counter.
- spend time with the kids instead of meeting with contractors
- finally read those parenting toddler books
- get organized
- have a full night sleep, our rooms will not be right on top of each other
- have a peaceful shower without a toddler kicking on the door, our master bath is right of the living space in our rental
- have friends over, our rental is just too gloomy and cramped to enjoy company

Not to mention we will not miss some of the less than attractive features of our rental...the acoustical tiles in the ceiling, painted over tile in the bath, little natural light, windows painted shut. Doesn't it sound lovely? We will feel a bit decadent in our new house.

The nice thing about our rental is that we haven't had to be uprooted from our community, our friends and neighbors. We can still enjoy our park. And we have been able to walk over and check on the house or fit in a contractor meeting at a moment's notice without shleping all over town. The big open yard has been great and our landloards are very nice.

BUT we are so glad that the end of our project is near.

Holden's first word

This post is a few weeks overdue...

Holden's first word - dada. So it's official, all four of our children's first words were Daddy.

VP Debate

I'm soo looking forward to seeing the VP Debate tonight Palin versus Biden. My mom says Palin has been in debate camp all week. Is she ready?

I think she is an amazing woman with an intriguing story - a moose hunting Governor of Alaska and mother of five including an infant and a pregnant teen. Just not the one I want one heartbeat from the presidency.

And for Biden, well, he is clearly an authority on foreign policy but he has also been called uncontrollably verbose and the 'gaff machine'.

I wish them both the best, but it should be a fun night. Break out the popcorn.


I just received this exclusive inside footage on the Palin debate prep from my friend and twin mom Jenny.