Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Day

We had a snow day this week. Huge fluffly snowflakes, scattered snow throughout the day with several inches in the afternoon. It was beautiful and very unusual for Austin. We played with the kids afterwork and they built their first snowman, Frosty.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marathon Man

If you are wondering where we've been. We were hit with the plague and are just now coming up from air....

8 dr visits
4 ear infections
4 cases of pink eye
1 sinus infection
maybe RSV
and more than half a dozen types of antibiotics later we are all feeling better.

Despite the lack of sleep David still managed to run his first marathon on Valentines day in 4 hrs 22 mins (10 min miles). I wish I had some photos because he looked great and we all went out to cheer him on at mile 18 and 22. We had planned to go earlier but once we were loaded in the car I discovered the battery was dead - probably from one of the kids playing with some button and leaving it on. Anyway, my neighbor generously helped us out and we were back on our way just in time to make the later end of the race.

Evan said, 'Dad! You got a digimedal!' (all you parents to toddlers with Oso fans may get the reference) It was very exciting and we are all very proud of our champion.

Budding Artist

Lily is becoming quite a little artist. She has been surprising us with her detailed drawings. Here is her rocket ship, media chalk. She enjoys drawing people and her pictures often include the six of us and her extended family, GG, Grandpa, Grammy, Papa and Carmen. Yesterday she drew a detailed face with glasses. Lily also likes to draw maps especially with roads and rivers. The letter 'L' finds it's way in abundance to most of her art.

'A pile of rocks' - Lily

Besides being artistic, lily is outgoing and independent. She likes to do things herself. She does a great job dressing herself and has clear ideas on what she wants to wear (and what she doesn't want to wear). Her favorites are clothes are those that are pink, followed by purple. She refuses to wear anything that could be mistaken as 'boy' clothes, but at the same time she won't wear hair bows. Once she has made up her mind there is little chance of getting her to change her it.

In school she is happy to participate and easy to engage. She always tries hard to accomplish whatever she has set her mind to. She doesn't like to be reprimanded and can act quite offended if anyone tells her that she shouldn't have done something.

Physically she is close in size to the boys, about 30 lbs but they have all surpassed her in weight. Still she is able to keep up with them on the bike, playground and gymnasium. She is also pretty tough, if she stumbles she brushes herself off and gets back in the game. At the same time Lily can also be quite tender and is a natural nurturer, always looking out for 'the boys'.

Her favorite foods are anything she helps me make, like muffins and yogurt & fruit.

Lily is definitely spunky and a delightful daughter.