Friday, October 27, 2006

Outing w/ Triplet Mom

Out at the mall at 6 was a fun adventure. Tricia joined me with her 7 week old triplets Hunter, Grace and Caprice. It was my first trip out with out back up support - dad, grandmas, or nanny. Each time we get out of the house it gets a little easier and I gain confidence that I can do it on my own. The babies love their carseats and stroller which is wonderful.

We did experience celebrity-dom in full force - even though it was a realitively quite Tues morning. Everyone wants to talk to you when you have triplets. We caused quite a scene - even if we were not together. Most didn't actually notice that we both had triplets. People are well meaning and gracious in general but we kept find ourselves mobbed by onlookers. It was quite overwhelming. It was nice to have a friend that understood how it felt. We also would help each other out by trading off answering the same old questions. We were barely able to carry on our own conversation. Tricia and I joked about getting t-shirts to help stem the barrage of questions 1) Yes, Triplets 2) 2 boys and a girl 3) Yes, fertility drugs -or- Don't ask me about your sex life and I won't ask you about yours :)

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